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Characteristics of a zero-energy house :
A zero-energy house produces as much energy as it uses itself in a year. This is the same as energy class A++ or an energy-index = 0.

A zero-energy house is made up of a timber frame construction with prefabricated parts. These are delivered to the building site, ready for assembly with insulation and windows already installed. In a mere two days, a water and wind proof house is built. The zero-energy houses are very well insulated thanks to triple glazing in the windows and wooden frames as well as high quality wooden exterior doors.

The ventilation of the zero-energy house is provided by a type D system, also known as a ventilation system with double stream (mechanical inlet and outlet with heat recuperation). Even though the demand for heating (and cooling) is very low, a zero-energy house is equipped with a heat pump, underfloor heating via concrete core activation and solar panels.

A zero-energy house offers two major advantages:
  1. very low total consumption costs
  2. optimum comfort

Energy consumption and production per year of a zero-energy house

1. Ventilation system with heat recovery (D)

80 to 90 % of the heat of the air which circulates in the home, is converted into fresh incoming air.

2. Solar panels

These panels generate sufficient electricity for the heating system and other domestic requirements throughout the whole year.

3. Maximum insulation of windows and doors

Wooden window frames with triple glazing. Varnished in the factory and finished with a layer of aluminium on the outside.

4. Underfloor heating in the concrete slab

The heating pipes are placed straight in the concrete for improved efficiency.

5. Air-water heat pump with buffer

Every kWh of electricity provides 4-5 kWh heating.

6. Superbly insulated construction

40 cm roof insulation and 21 cm wall insulation

7. Rain water recuperation for toilet and garden

A family of four can save more than 25,000 litres of water in one year by doing this.

8. Very airtight construction

Three times less air loss compared to a traditional house.

Multitude of innovative technologies

A zero-energy house makes use of multiple innovative technologies, among which solar panels which produce enough electricity for a heat pump, which, in turn, supplies enough energy for a standard family for one year.

Energy cost: € 0/year?
Working principle

In the summer, more electricity is produced in comparison to the winter. During the warm months, the installation gives back the electricity to the net. Your electricity meter will be turning backwards and you will be able to use this surplus in the winter.

Advantages of a zero-energy house?

  • Very low total consumption costs
  • Optimum comfort
  • Building a zero-energy house is done three times faster than a traditional house
  • Optimum insulation
  • Elimination of thermal bridges
  • Strong timber frame construction of superior quality
  • Optimum CO² insulation

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